Hon. Charles J. Barker
G. D. Barrios
Herbert W. Barton
Thomas Beary
Judge Taylor Beattie
C. P. Binnings, Jr.
William L. Bernard
Bamon T. Blake
Eugene William Blake
Dr. Joseph A. Blanchard
Lester B. Bourg, DDS
Thomas F. Brooks
Louis L. Broussard
Louis Philip Caillouet
E. S. Carver
J. U. Champagne
A. S. Chappuis
Philip Jules Chappuis
Joseph Alfred Octave Coignet
Dr. H. Dansereau
Hercules Dansereau, MD
Philip J. Dansereau, MD
Charles C. Davis
Rev. Quincy Ewing
James Fortier
 Louis Gaudet  
Leonard Greenburg
Levi M. Hargis
Thomas D. Kent
Ewelle A. Kleinpeter
Joseph Amilcar Legendre
Victor Loisel
P. Davis Martinez
Whitmell P. Martin
Edwin McCollam
Frank McCulla
William Hugh Miller
G. C. Mills
Thomas L. Mills
James Cross Murphy
Ozeme Naquin
Charles Oschwald
Andrew Price
Alcide Robichaux
Eugene Robichaux
Hubert S. Smith, MD
Ruffin Trousdale Perkins
Hugh S. Suthon
Merrick W. Swords, MD
Hon. Prosper Toups
Albert J. Trone
Hon. L. A. Trosclair
J. R. Verret
John M. Walsh
N. W. Whitehead
Charles C. Williams


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