ROBICHAUX, Eugene G., Lafourche, Parish, Louisiana
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Louisiana:  Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and
Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 379-380.  Edited by Alc?e
Fortier, Lit.D.  Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.

Robichaux, Eugene G., Thibodaux, La., planter, merchant, financier, was born
in Thibodaux, La., Nov. 2, 1856; son of Eugene G. and Aspasie (Triche)
Robichaux, both of whom were born in Lafourche parish, the father also dying
there Dec. 2, 1869; aged 40 years.  The mother's life closed at Thibodaux. 
The paternal grandfather, Joseph Robichaux, was a native of Lafourche parish,
and his life ended in the same parish.  He married Miss Rassicot.  The
maternal grandfather, Drauzin Triche, was born in St. John the Baptist parish
but made his home in Lafourche from some time previous to the Civil war to the
time o
f his death, in 1875.  Eugene G. Robichaux served for many years as
sheriff of Lafourche parish, and previous to becoming sheriff he had for some
time been a deputy sheriff.  At the time of his death he was manager of the
sugar estate of his father-in-law, who was an extensive sugar planter and
owner of Laurel plantation, 4 miles above Thibodaux.  He also owned Orange
Grove plantation, 6 miles below Lockport.  Eugene G. Robichaux was one of 5
children born to his parents, 4 brothers and 1 sister, but at this time is the
only survivor of the family.  He received his early education at a private
school in Thibodaux which afterward became the old Thibodaux college, and
following this he attended A. V. Romain's classical and commercial college,
corner of Conti and Dauphine streets, New Orleans, where he was a schoolmate
of Prof. Alcee Fortier.  Before he had completed his course at this
institution, however, Mr. Romain died, and the school was permanently closed. 
Mr. Robichaux returned to Lafourche parish and became associated with J. T.
Badeaux in the general plantation store on the Orange Grove plantation. 
Shortly after this Mr. Triche, his maternal grandfather, died, and Mr.
Robichaux purchased a half interest in his grandfather's Laurel Grove
plantation, in partnership with Mr. L. A. Trosclair, who had married the
youngest dau
ghter of Mr. Triche, this plantation being thereafter owned and
operated by the firm of Trosclair & Robichaux for more than 33 years.  The
first crop, in 1875, was 96,000 pounds of open-kettle sugar.  The business
grew until 1904, when, after putting up a refinery, the same firm produced
something more than 8,000,000 pounds of sugar.  The firm started with an old-
style kettle sugarhouse hardly worth $3,000, and this grew to a magnificent
plant equipment costing more than $300,000.  They built railroads, constructed
steel bridges across Bayou Lafourche, and erected a fire-proof warehouse for
storage purposes.  They also added to their former purchase the Enterprise
plantation, previously owned by Mr. George Dionne; the Trial plantation,
previously owned by Mr. E. M. Marvant, and another plantation formerly owned
by L. Lasseigne.  They also purchased parcels of land adjoining the old Laurel
Grove plantation in the rear, and ultimately cultivated 2,000 acres of land. 
This railroad traversed all neighboring plantations, and the cane grown upon
these adjacent lands was purchased by the firm.  Jan. 30, 1909, Mr. Robichaux
sold his interest in the business to his old partner.  Aside from the above-
mentioned great enterprise, Mr. Robichaux is half owner in the Coulon
plantation, and is also president and part owner of the Jefferson Pl
anting &
Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which owns the Willswood plantation at Waggaman, La. 
In Aug., 1891, the Bank of Thibodaux was organized and Mr. Robichaux became a
stock-holder at that time.  In 1894 he became a director and was elected
president of the bank, continuing as the executive head of the institution
from that time to the present.  Oct. 27, 1881, Mr. Robichaux was married to
Miss Louise Philippi de Lepoly, a daughter of Louis Philippi de Lepoly.  Mrs.
Robichaux died Sept. 9, 1891.  To them were born 4 sons and 1 daughter, these
being  Louis Eugene, in the sugar brokerage business at New Orleans;  Eugene
C., now a practicing physician at Excelsior Springs, Mo.;  Francis A.,
associated with his father in sugar planting;  Raoul M., general manager of
the plantation store on his father's estate, and  Mathilde, wife of Dr. F. A.
Gouaux of Lockport, La.  Aug. 12, 1897, Mr. Robichaux was married to Miss
Brigitte Thibodaux, a daughter of Zephir Thibodaux, and whose great-
grandfather was a former governor of Louisiana and founder of the town of
Thibodaux.  One child has been born to them--Alfred, Dec. 16, 1901.  Mr.
Robichaux and family affiliate with the Roman Catholic church.

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