Raceland Cemetery
Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
Donated by the David Family.

I am not sure of the actual name of this cemetery. I only know it is at Raceland, LA.

Mrs. P.E. Bourgeois
No dates

Placide Foret and Family (large tomb)
No dates

Babin Family and Foret Family (large tomb)
No dates

F. Blanchard
Died May 31, 1932

Abraham Blanchard

Oville Foret
No dates

Theophile Bourgeois
No dates

Felecia Foret
No dates

Mathilde Bourgeois

Wilson Bourgeois
5/26 1892-2/5/1916

Dillia Bourgeois
Wife of William Bobic
Died November 18, (not legible) age 65 years

Mr. Ferjust Foret
Died July 19, 1926 age 67 years

Eugenie Foret
1889-6/10/1911, age 22 years

Hippolyte Foret
Died August 10, 1907

Ferjuste Foret
Died September 20, 1912, age 18 years, 3 months, 29 days

Joseph Foret

Foustin Bourgeois

Mrs. Faustile Bourgeois
Died August 18, 1927 age 79 years

Albert Foret
No dates

Frank Arthur Le Gendre

Mrs. Louise Le Gendre
Nee LePine

Laura Dugas
Wife of Alphonse Foret
Died July 15, 1919

P.D. Foret
No dates

E. Foret
No dates

Augustine Foret
No dates

Norris J. Foret
Died September 11, 1934, age 15 years, 11 months, 18 days

Ernest Foret
No dates

H.H. Bourgeois
No dates

Francois Foret

Felecia Foret
Died 1898, age 66 years

Mrs. James Boudreaux

Felecia Foret
No dates

Francois Foret
Died October 21, 1895 age 59 years

Eufroisine Verret
Died May 11, 1869

Pierre Verret
Died June 2, 1921 age 87 years

Ophila Bourgeois
No dates

Eloise Leo Graber
Died March 5, 1892

This list was recorded in 1935 and it does not include the entire cemetery.

Thank you to the David Family for graciously donating the material.

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