It is important to document the history of Americans of African descent.  Much of early African/American history is oral tradition, and it is important to begin documenting what we do know, so that in the future, our children will have places to come to in order to learn about their ancestors. The purpose of this questionnaire is to compile information for a database.

Anyone who has ANY information about persons who were slaves on plantations is encouraged to submit forms here.  Many plantation record books contain information regarding the background of slaves who were purchased, sold and emancipated.  Plantation records often contain information about deaths and births. In many cases we will be able to track the life of an enslaved person from plantation to plantation, owner to owner, by submitting information here.

Last Name
First Name   Middle Name "Slave" Name  
Sex    Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death

 Place of Death Mothers Name   Mothers Birthplace

 Fathers Name Fathers Birthplace  

Brothers and Sisters Names

 Notes or Short Story about This Person  

 If you have any photographs to submit, please make a note of it in the Notes Section, and we will contact you with information on how to submit the photo.

Owners Last Name
   Owners First Name Plantation Name    
Plantation Location  Was This Person Born On This Plantation

How Was This Person Acquired
Name of Previous Owner (If Any)

Location of Previous Owner   

Additional Remarks

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